Although, Florida is home to more than 480 species of birds, several hundred species pass through the area during spring and fall migrations.

Spring: February through May
Fall: Mid August through November

Winter is the best birding season as the bird population explodes with winged visitors and two great places for viewing are the Celery Fields and the Venice Rookery.

Celery Fields – Sarasota A former flood-control project, the Celery Fields, located at Fruitville Road and I-75, has deep lakes that are truly for the birds. This exceptional birding habitat and wildlife haven attracts hundreds of species – bald eagles, wild turkeys, ruby-throated hummingbirds, snow geese and peregrine falcons year ’round.
Coburn Road, off Fruitville Rd., Sarasota

The Venice Rookery features a vegetated island in the middle of a small lake offering a safe nesting environment for water and wading birds. Early mornings and late afternoons from November to June, black-crowned night herons, great egrets, great blue herons and anhinga are most active on the island. It is here that visitors can get some stunning up-close views and where Wildlife Photographers capture exceptional National Geographic shots.

Nesting takes place from February through April featuring plenty of loud calls, showy feathers and awkward, sometimes graceful, courting.

Directions: Heading south on US 41 (just north of Jacaranda Boulevard), take a right on Annex Road between the Venice Administration Building (at 4000 S. Tamiami Trail) and the State Highway Patrol. Head to the welcome center followed by parking, pavilion, picnic tables, and viewing area.
South Tamiami Trail, Venice Call for Information: 941-496-8984

There’s plenty more…
Our bountiful seashores, wetlands, prairies, and woodlands offer a plethora of winged diversity.

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